We know that whoever comes to us in the midst of a crisis needs a sharp, accurate response. Our job is to fix things. Even when the client believes that everything is falling apart and that he has no control over the situation, we know how to help him take a deep breath, think fast and act smart. That’s what we’re here for, whether it is a regular unik client dealing with a crisis in everyday operations, or a new client coming to us from the raging heart of the storm, in need of help.

Each case requires different coping mechanisms, understanding and sensitivity in orchestrating the factors in play. But thanks to our experience and intimate knowledge of the workings of the world of communications, we have the necessary knowhow to apply targeted, effective steps in your case as well.


An efficient response to media emergencies needs foundations that are grounded in strong, appropriate and ultra-professional organization, and therefore crisis management efforts are led by the firm’s owner, working with a senior account manager. Strategy is crafted together with the client, transforming the situation from one in which the crisis manages the client into one where we manage the crisis.

We initiate steps to put out the fire, monitor all PR activities, frequently assess the situation with the client, identify possibilities to turn dangerous exposure into an opportunity or advantage, hold briefings behind the scenes for journalists and key opinion leaders, and closely accompany the client until the crisis has been successfully resolved.

To date, unik Crisis Management has helped numerous firms: hi-tech and retail companies, airlines and healthcare service providers, industry and financial entities, telecommunications providers, security equipment vendors, real estate and consumer goods companies, startups and others.

On unik Crisis Management’s team you will also meet Adv. Moti Kristal, an expert on negotiations and crisis management for more than two decades, with hands-on experience in accompanying diverse negotiation processes in the business and public sectors.