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unik is an interdisciplinary public relations firm that creates impactful strategies to promotes brands, ideas, movements, and people

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We have vast experience in: crafting and implementing national media campaigns; collaborating with advertising agencies to promote our clients; building an online presence and following on social networks to help our clients reach their audiences; designing guerilla and creative marketing campaigns; and turning crises that threaten our clients’ business, reputation and integrity, into opportunities for growth.

 unik employs 20 media specialists, two of whom are co-CEOs with over a decade of experience in public relations.

Founded in 2003 by Nissim Douek, unik media group is one of Israel’s leading public relations, strategy, digital, and crisis management agencies. Our value proposition goes beyond communications services. We help our clients navigate the Israeli media landscape, which constantly challenges marketing messaging, through creating unique campaigns. Our experienced consultants define the specific needs of each client, identify their target audiences, and implement a comprehensive traditional and digital strategy to meet desired objectives.

What We Do

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Public relations

Unik acts as a client’s press room and communications hub. Our media specialists maintain strong relationships with press across industries. We work to secure interviews, draft press releases, create captivating content for social networks, arrange and manage press conferences, act as spokespeople, and train our clients to engage directly with the media.


We specialize in creating unique communications and public relations strategies to meet clients’ commercial, public or political goals. Unik works with clients to define shot, medium, and long-term objectives and designs strategies to directly reach target audiences, counter direct and indirect competition, and address regulatory issues through traditional media relations and digital campaigns. Our team develops compelling content to differentiate brands and disseminates the content across traditional media, social networks.

Crisis management

We pride ourselves in our comprehensive and tailored approach to managing crises. Since our establishment 14 years ago, we have successfully managed and countered crises for business elites, non-governmental organizations, state authorities, political parties, corporations, and private individuals. When a crisis emerges, our team evaluates existing issues and all potential scenarios, managing the issue and preparing for its aftermath. We respond to crises through a range of platforms including traditional press, social media, internal communication, informal media briefings, and interviews.

Campaign management

Unik specializes in designing, running, implementing and tracking public, political, and commercial campaigns. We have a wealth of experience managing campaigns including national and municipal elections, primary elections, internal enterprise campaigns, product and service launches, and domestic and international market entry campaigns. We work alongside advertising agencies, research companies, and legal consultants among others, to manage campaigns from ideation to implementation.


Through Ballz:, Unik’s dedicated concept studio and digital agency, we utilize a mix of marketing tools, digital content and technology to reach audiences. Our digital media specialists strive to deliver high-quality, accurate and targeted messaging through original and innovative campaigns. Ballz: creates online and offline events that draw media and public attention. By developing branding collateral, design and graphics, we provide our clients with a formal or informal platform for creating true consumer brand engagement. Ballz:’s skilled digital team manages clients’ presence on an array of online channels and initiates viral campaigns that directly target specific audiences. Additionally, we create content for newsletters, magazines, and internal communication.

International Clients in Israel

Unik specializes in supporting foreign companies, organizations, and governments with their needs in the complex and vibrant Israeli market. Beyond our core media relations services, we offer briefings for executives, visitors,and official representatives to provide a 360 view of Israel's media, commercial, regulatory and political environments. For our international clients, we manage crises and social platforms, ensuring messaging is translated and localized for the Israeli market. Through our partnership with the Consul General of Israel in New York City, Alon Pinkas, we provide diplomatic consulting.

Meet our Team

Nissim Douek

Irit Nachmani

Ran Aron

Hagar Levin

Ohir Halfon

Ariel Hoffert

Barak Kfir

Yonit Rucki

Idan Gadot

Liraz Balali-Shoshan

Itay Gur

Israel Nahmani

Gal Cohen

Danit Kalache Boublil

Shanny Attaly

Shir Nevo


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We are looking for talented media professionals!  If media is your turf and you a have strong work ethic, excellent verbal and written communication skills, creativity and clear values, we have a position for you!

While previous experience in media, advertising, public relations or spokesmanship is a plus, we also offer an apprentice track. If you are just beginning your career but have always dreamt of becoming media consultant, Unik is the ideal place to begin your journey.

Please send Cv’s to Shanny.a@unik.co.il

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